Trading Ticket

A simple, robust way to enable trading with any broker in your mobile app, website or bot.

Link all your users' brokerage accounts into your experience and start delivering tailored alerts, news, and trade ideas.

Our technology supports:

  • Supported securities

    US traded equity and ETF

  • Actions

    Buy, sell, sell short, buy to cover

  • Order Type

    Market, limit, stop limit, stop market orders

We give you 3 ways to integrate

  • 1.JSON API

    Our full functionality JSON API for sending trade requests to the TRADE IT multi-broker order and portfolio management system. This works for web, mobile, native, anywhere.

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  • 2.Pre-built Widgets

    Easily include our pre-built web widgets into your page. They look great as-is, or you can customize them to fit your branding.

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  • 3.Mobile SDK

    Easily bring our pre-built trading ticket and portfolio into your native iOS or Android app. It looks great as-is, or you can customize it to your look and feel.

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Powering the best brands in the business

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Powering the best brands in the business

Highest-Level Security Built-In

  • No Registration

    Your users don't need to create an account to use TRADE IT and at no time does TRADE IT ask for their personal information.

  • Never Stores Information

    Since TRADE IT is just a secure pass-through between your users and their broker, it never stores any of their brokerage login credentials nor does it access their financial information.

  • Bank-Level Security

    Brokerage information is always fully encrypted, and verified by VeriSign and TRUSTe. TRADE IT uses the same 256-bit encryption that banks and brokers use.

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