What are TradeIt's products?

Our core products are "Portfolio View" and "Trading Ticket". Portfolio View allows applications to sync brokerage account information from their users, such as balances, positions, and open orders. Trading Ticket allows application users to cancel open orders and send new order messages to their brokerage. Please check out our product pages for more information, or reach out on our contact page and we will contact you.

How many brokers does TradeIt support?

We support over 10 brokers for both Portfolio View and Trading Ticket. We are regularly adding more and you can access the full list from our documentation. To request a new brokerage integration, please reach out on our contact page.

What type of information does Portfolio View provide?

Our documentation showcases the information you can access by using Portfolio View. To request new capabilities, please reach out on our contact page.

Which asset classes are supported by Trading Ticket?

Trading Ticket currently supports equity, ETF, FX, and options orders. To request new asset classes, please reach out on our contact page.

Which order types are supported by Trading Ticket?

Order types vary by broker. You can access the full range of order types by viewing our documentation. We are constantly adding new order types; if there's something specific you'd like added, please reach out on our contact page.

How much does TradeIt cost?

TradeIt is free for developers to use the basic API and SDK. For enterprise solutions please reach out via our contact page for more information on pricing.

Can I test TradeIt's products?

Yes, you can use our test API key in our documentation to test our capabilities in our QA environment.

After testing, how do I gain production access?

Please reach out on our contact page to request a production account. We will send you an API licensing agreement, pricing agreement, and short user survey. After completing these steps, we can grant you a production access key.

Does TradeIt support MFA or security questions?

Yes, TradeIt supports whatever security measures your broker requires. Our security is an extension of your broker's security.

How do I integrate TradeIt into my product?

For mobile products, TradeIt offers an iOS SDK and an Android Library. For desktop products, use TradeIt's API. If you'd like to schedule a development consultation, please reach out on our contact page.

What user information does TradeIt collect?

TradeIt does not access or store any personally identifiable information from your users.

What does TradeIt do with the data collected?

TradeIt does not sell data. We view one of our key differentiators as being in the business of bringing financial institutions to their customers without screen scraping or reselling data.

How does TradeIt make money?

We work with the partners in our network to monetize the brokerage integrations in their products. We keep a portion of this revenue for ourselves in lieu of technology licensing fees.

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